My Family’s Honour

The present day in Roubaix. Nora’s parents are conservative Algerian immigrants. She manages to lie skillfully enough to live a fairly free life but an unwanted pregnancy suddenly disrupts her existence. Nora has to choose : either she leaves for Goa with her best friend Karole and brings dishonour upon her family, or she saves her parent’s reputation by getting married. Her mother wangles her an introduction to Hamid, owner of the town’s largest textile store. The young man lives with his mother and, at first sight, seems light years away from Nora’s ideal. Things go smoothly but then the neighbours and the town’s North African community suddenly discover Nora’s secret…



Monte Carlo Festival
* Official Competition


Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)
* Official Selection – Panorama Section

Geneva International Film Festival – Tous Ecrans
* Jury Prize