Little sweetheart

As Sibylle looks up from the pages of her favourite romantic novel, her eyes meet Victor’s. At thirty, she still lives with her parents, continually awaiting the love of her life. Victor is handsome, free and mysterious… She takes him home with her. He likes it there. She introduces him to her parents. He moves in. But Victor isn’t Carlos. Nothing is ever good enough for him, neither the new car nor the bedroom suite paid for by her parents. And as Victor’s unbridled imagination leads her father into dubious business deals and her mother considers changing the decor of her hair salon, Sibylle clings to the illusion of her own happiness at all costs. She would do anything to save this love.



Cannes Film Festival
* Director’s fortnight

Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film
* Nominated for Golden Bayard Best french-Speaking Film


Cyril Collard Prize

Michel Simon Prize
* Nominated Best actress for Corinne Debonniere