An eternal story of the ingratitude of the young to the old, unfolding in an area of current social transformation in northern Russia. Although kindly grandma Tusya raised her grandkids and gave them a start in life by selling her house, when she’s in need they refuse to provide her with shelter. She spends her only happy days with her sister Anna in the country.



International Encounters of Cinema in Paris
* Audience Grand Prize
* ARTE Paris Cinema Award

Cinessonne European Film Festival
* Jury Grand Prize

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
* Don Quijote Award
* Special Jury Prize
* Award of Ecumenical Jury

Kinotavr Sotchi Film Festival
* Best actress

Saint-Petersburg International Festival of Festivals
* Golden Gryphon – Best film

Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema
* Audience Award
* Grand Prize


Copenhaguen International Film Festival
* Golden Swan Best Film
* Best Screenplay
* Special Jury Prize for Nina Shubina et Anna Ovsyannikova

Amiens International Film Festival
* Grand Prize
* Golden Unicorn

Lecce Festival of European Cinema
* Golden Olive Tree