The closed doors

This is the story of a fifteen-year-old boy who kills his mother. The events take place between September 1990 and July 1991 in the city of Cairo. The young man finds himself trapped in the contradictions surrounding him, the rising tide of religious fundamentalism and the consumer society. Religious fanaticism resounds threateningly in the loudspeakers and processions of veiled young women in full-length dresses. This rigid morality denounces and, at the same time, conceals increasing corruption and perversion. The gulf between rich and poor widens and the future looks grim for most people, especially for the young who represent 60% of the Egyptian population. In the background, the Gulf War echoes through the media, interrupted by commercials for sanitary installations and natural foods.



Festival of Arabic Cinema in Paris
* Best Actress for Sawsan Badr

Festival de Barein
* Best Arabic Film

Montpellier Festival of Mediterranean Cinema (Cinémed)
* Golden Antigone (Best film)
* Youth Award
* Jury Prize

Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Best Actress for Sawsan Badr
* Best script