Buffalo boy


Indochina, 1940, under French occupation. Kim, aged 15, has the job of taking his two buffaloes far away from the flooded lands of the South. These buffaloes are the family’s only source of income and must arrive safely in the Ba Thé mountains.
This dangerous journey across vast, water-logged landscapes marks Kim’s coming of age. He joins a gang of buffalo keepers who are part-time bandits, and discovers an adult world made up of brawls, alcohol, and pillaging. In time, this violence gives way to friendship, love, and the joy of freedom.




Locarno International Film Festival
* Youth Jury Award – “Environment Is Quality of Life” Prize

Toronto International Film Festival
* Official Competition

Chicago International Film Festival
* New Directors Competition – Silver Hugo

Amiens International Film Festival
* Golden Unicorn – Best film

Amazonas Manaus Film Festival
* Jury Prize

Hanoï International Film Festival
* Best Film


Asian Marine Japan Film Festival
* Best Film

Asia-Pacific Film Festival
* Best Cinematography

Cape Town World Cinema Festival
* Best Director


* Official Vietnamese Entry

Palm Springs International Film Festival
* Fipresci Prize – Best Foreign Language

Ho Chi Minh Festival of French-Speaking Film
* Art and Culture Award