Living in paradise


1961-1962, the Algerian War in under way. Lakhdar, an immigrant construction worker, lives in Nanterre shantytown. He can no longer bear living alone without his wife and children whom he has left southern Algeria. Once he succeeds in bringing his family to France, he starts looking for an apartment to give them a decent life. In the meantime, he tries as best he can to keep their heads above the mud and the hunger-line. But he proves to be no match for the shantytown. To obtain the apartment of his dreams, Lakhdar becomes one of those profiteers who live off their brothers’backs by renting sleeping spaces to them. Just as he is about to reach his goal, at the cost of betrayal, History strikes back at him through the unexpected political commitment of his wife, Nora. Lakhdar’s family is blown apart. It will finally be saved by the solidarity of the shantytown as Algeria celebrates its independence. The story of a man who attempts to react against society’s inertia, to change his life, but who is unable to succeed on his own.



Amiens International Film Festival
* Best actress for Fadila Belkebla

Arte Mare : Festival of the Cinema and Arts in the Mediterranean – Bastia
* Golden Olivier
* Best actor for Roschdy Zem

Carthage Cinema Days
* Golden Tanit

Jérusalem International Film Festival
* Grand Prize “In the Spirit of Freedom”

Venice International Film Festival
* Best first feature film
* “CinemAvvenire” Award