Should Mathilde be loved ?


Mathilda lives in the north of France. She has two sisters, children and a grandfather. We see her at her younger sister’s wedding; and then there is also Charlie never very far behind Mathilda.. The next day everything is back to normal, the children are at school, the workers are at the factory. And that is when the accident takes place.. Mathilda is traumatised and shocked, something has changed for her, she suddenly feels time passing a certain urgency to find happiness: With Charlie, handsome and reliable, but a prisoner of his own memories.. With her husband, who left her when he found out little Dédé’s real father, was, his friend Jacques.. Or with Mano, a Spaniard, who gets along great with grandad, who is partly Spanish himself…



Cannes Film Festival
* Critic’s week

Angers European First Film Festival
* Best Script

Florence Festival of French Cinema (France Odeon)
* Best Actress Dominique Blanc

Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film
* Golden Bayard – Best Actress Dominique Blanc