Coincoin and the extra-humans

The years have passed. The unexplained discovery of extra-terrestrial magma on a farm track at the edge of the sea leads Roger Van der Weyden and Rudy Carpentier off on a new and incredible investigation: they get caught up in the amazing struggle against the Extra-humans, aliens from another planet who are here to conquer the Earth!
L’il Quinquin has grown up and become CoinCoin: a young and fervent Catholic on the dole, struck by the accidental fall of a roofing tile in the graveyard at Audresselles and cared for by his inspired priest. CoinCoin has joined the National Party and occasionally handles security for local meetings with Fatso, the only survivor of his old gang. In seeking the order that will come with the re-establishment of the France of the past, CoinCoin, touched by grace, is led astray by political and spiritual ideals that take him to the very edge of reason…
Eve, the pretty girl next door, has become a lesbian and works on her farm like a man, much to the dismay of CoinCoin who is tragically forced to come to terms with this impossible love that troubles his feelings and turns him topsy-turvy…
The nocturnal invasion of the Extra-humans – mutant ectoplasms that become virtual doubles of the humans that they fertilize during the hours of darkness – make the investigation a particularly tough one for the men of the local police force: Van der Weyden, a decent fellow, moves heaven and earth to eradicate the extra-terrestrial presence and the whole mess that comes with it, despite being struck himself and having to fight against the night and his ghost, his invasive and inhuman double, along with zombies from the cemetery (on top of the rest!) that return to life during the nighttime events…
Meanwhile, Carpentier, king of the automobile and analogy, does one intrepid stunt after another throughout this supernatural intervention in which his intuition shines with its acrobatic gleam and hierarchical devotion.



Locarno Film Festival
* Golden Leopard for Bruno Dumont