Tirana year zero


After the tragic events in 1997, Niku, 23 years old, lives in Tirana, with his father, Kutjim, who has for many years been suffering from a heart disease, and Marta, his mother, a beautiful woman retired with a very small pension and who has lost all her economies in a “Pyramidal society”. Niku is looking for a job. He is honest and sensitive. He loves Klara who wants to live her country as a lot of young Albanian. Klara believes that they are issued of lost generation and that the salvation is in a foreign country, France, Italy or USA. But Niku wants to stay in Albania. To leave or not to leave the country. This is the conflict between the two lovers. Finally Klara leaves to Paris with Niku’s friend, Tare, the sculptor. She will be a top model! Niku is still working with the truck. He’s paid by a strange German guy who buys a bunker to take it back in Berlin, in his garden… He meets too a French journalist who was robbed…



Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film
* Best script

Thessaloniki International Film Festival
* Golden Alexandre – Best film


Cologne Mediterranean Film Festival
* Jury Special Prize